Physical activity, well-being and team cohesion


Companies are struggling to create real social cohesion, turnover and absenteeism are at record levels, and employees are globally stressed. In reality, the new generations expect something different from their company, and Squadeasy can accompany you in a virtuous circle for your employees and your company. Squadeasy integrates the values of sport in a unique platform to create a lasting bond between your employees, improve their health and promote their well-being. Squadeasy's benefits were measured by an external firm. As a result, several million euros are saved by our customers each year in terms of reduced absenteeism, lower turnover and increased productivity. Beyond that, with Squadeasy, these companies are happier every day.


Over the course of your life, you will spend more time with your coworkers than with your family. And sitting on a chair.... To improve your personal and collective well being, what could be more unifying than the values of sport, linked with self-surpassing and team spirit? Squadeasy allows you to have, with a team, playful and collaborative experiences through walking, running, cycling, magic powers, health and well-being quizzes... Whether you are a casual sportsperson, athlete, sedentary or in a situation of disability, Squadeasy is your magic potion to happiness at work through games and collaboration. You will treat yourself better, get to know your team and enjoy coming to work.


In a globalised world, it can be a challenge to share real experiences with your childhood friend who lives far away, your cousin who has gone to work on the other side of the Atlantic, your best friend who has staggered working hours.... What if the bond that could unite you was sport? Squadeasy transforms physical activity into a game and allows you to create your team of friends to challenge team from all over the world in a fun way. Whether you are more interested in walking, cycling, running, learning about general health and well-being, valid or with impaired mobility, you can make your team progress and give even more meaning to your relationship with your loved ones.